BenU releases the new tuition numbers for the next school year

by Elizabeth Welz

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This Monday, February 1, 2016, Benedictine University released the new tuition numbers for the 2016-2017 school year. According to the Benedictine website, the next year’s tuition will increase for all traditional undergraduate students for both the Mesa and Lisle campuses. Traditional undergraduate students in the Lisle campus will see a 3.6% increase of tuition.

The tuition for the 2015-2016 school year cost the Lisle traditional undergraduate students $29,700. With the increase, traditional undergraduate students will pay $30,780 excluding fees.

Also, the Benedictine website notes that room and board will also increase for the new school year. During the 2015-2016 school year, students dorming in Jaegar and Ondrak paid $2,900 per semester. However, the students dorming in Ondrak and Jaeger for the upcoming school year will pay $3,015 per semester.

Not only is undergraduate tuition increasing for the Lisle campus, but graduate students are also seeing the increase, according to the Benedictine website.

Likewise, the Benedictine website also notes an increase for the undergraduate Mesa students. The increase left the traditional undergraduate students from the Mesa campus paying $20,000 per year for the 2015-2016 school year to $20,400 for the upcoming school year.

Traditional Lisle undergraduate students are expressing their concern about the tuition increase as they hear about the numbers. Some students feel that the scholarships should increase as the tuition does.

“I’m very disappointed because I feel like tuition goes up, but our scholarships stays stagnate,” said sophomore Mia Carter.

Other students feel that the increase of tuition should only apply to the incoming students.
“When I heard about the tuition increase I was pretty upset. I think there should be locked tuition,” said junior Kylie Hicks. “It’s getting harder and harder to pay for school every year.”

Dr. Maria de la Camara, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, explains what she feels is the benefits that the tuition increase has on the traditional undergraduate students at Benedictine, “One of the goals for (President Brophy) is to increase the number of full-time faculty teaching undergraduates.”

The increase in tuition is to benefit traditional undergraduate students. This increase in tuition will help provide the students with opportunities and help meet the demands of the undergraduate students.

“One of our goals also is to increase retention. There is a retention task force. Right now faculty and staff are working on ways we can increase retention of our students and providing more opportunities of all types, academic, regular etc. and supporting students,” said de la Camara. “We want to strengthen the advising process for example, but again we need more too, right? It’s just we need money. It’s unfortunate, but we need that.”

Although tuition increased for the school year, summer tuition for Benedictine students decreased.
According to the Benedictine website, Benedictine students last summer paid $905 per credit hour, however Benedictine students looking at classes for the upcoming 2016-2017 summer will be able to take classes for $495 per credit hour.

“I am very pleased with the lower tuition for summer school. Now with my major change, I am able to get a couple of classes out of the way over the summer and take my time rather than packing everything into my regular semester schedule,” said sophomore Aditya Kapoor.

Those students who are not currently enrolled in Benedictine did receive an increase in summer school tuition from $905 per credit hour last summer to $950 per credit hour for the 2016-2017 summer.

The overall tuition change is to benefit incoming and current Benedictine students. The change will make summer classes more accessible and provide more benefits to students.

Marissa Perez contributed to this story.