New Health Trends of 2016

By: Elana Garay
New trends emerge each new year. In December of 2015, J. Walter Thompson Intelligence published a report of what would trend throughout 2016. This report is called The Future 100. In the report, one of the health trends he believes to happen in 2016 will be healthonism. Healthonism is the consumption of alcohol with antioxidants and healthy mixers.

“A 2015 study published in the journal Health Psychology found that people tend to drink “more than usual on the same days that they engage in more physical activity than usual,” according to the authors, stated from the website of news.

Other two health trends listed from the website are natural beauty products and feminine care revolution. Newer non mainstream products will arise in 2016. More information is online. Set aside from that, Yahoo Health has other ideas of health trends for 2016 based off of Pinterest. It lists ten health trends.

A couple of them are, “As people get organized for the year ahead, pins for “bullet journals” have increased by 67%…With boutique studios (such as New York City’s new MNDFL) opening across the country, meditation seems poised to become one of the year’s biggest health trends…Pins for this type of workout—which is designed to tone your waist while simultaneously strengthening your glutes—are up by 83% since late last month…From essential oils to natural cold remedies, pinners seem to be excited about holistic health in 2016. Pins that contain the word “holistic” have increased by 55%,” stated from Yahoo. This year will be an interesting and fun year with the health trends emerging.