Cheating on the Rise

Students use cheating as a means of passing

David Hung

For all intents and purposes, cheating is more or less the use of anything other than the test taker’s brain while taking the test. The purpose, supposedly, is to figure out if the test taker truly understand and can apply the knowledge obtained throughout the course.

For some students, who seem to care more about their GPA than their wellbeing, a single missed question seems like the end of the world. For others who just can’t care less about a course than the need to pass it, studying isn’t even worth the time or the effort. Indubitably you’ve seen at least one student from either side of the spectrum and everywhere in between.

But why is cheating on the rise? One contributor to cheating is the idea that cheating is actually rather simple; it doesn’t take too much effort to pull out a phone in the middle of an exam to text a friend, check an e-Book, or type a question into Google and find an answer within seconds. However, the biggest reason why students cheat is because they feel as though the grade is deserved; that the purpose of examinations is beneath them, that they are entitled to a higher grade and simply don’t need to remain academically honest.

In the end, the only test a student intends on facing is to never get caught; a test that only gets harder and harder as life goes on.