Men’s Basketball Defeats MSOE Again

By: Elana Garay

Once again men’s basketball defeat Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). This is the second victory for men’s basketball against MSOE after defeating them around the beginning of the season. This win also continues the winning streak to 18.

“It was a tough fought away game where we didn’t shoot very well, glad we came together and pulled out the win”, said senior Luke Johnson.

At first, Benedictine was down by two until they made a comeback with four points in the lead. Two made by junior Adam Reynolds who evened the score, then two points made by Johnson.

Johnson increased Benedictine’s score by three more points around 16 minutes left in the game and score another three pointer at 14 minutes. This advanced Benedictine’s score to 14-5.

Benedictine gained a double digit lead with seven minutes left as the first half continued. MSOE caught up to Benedictine with one point away with about a minute left. A three pointer by senior John Dobson and a two pointer by Johnson ended the first half with 37-31.

“MSOE has one of the best players in the league and we were able to do a great job defending them. It was our best defensive effort of the season and we are going to look to carry the momentum into Tuesday against a tough opponent in Rockford”, said Reynolds.

MSOE begins the second half scoring two points then follows by a three pointer made by junior Tahron Harvey. Another three pointer made by Johnson furthered Benedictine in the lead.

Four points made senior Tim Reamer advanced Benedictine 13 points ahead of MSOE around the middle of the second half. Even with the final points made by the opponent, Benedictine won the conference with the score of 67-52.

“Great win on the road, we played hard and together and anytime that happens we have a good chance to win. Proud of our team and where we are right now”, said head coach Keith Bunkenburg. “If you have not seen us play this year, I encourage people to come and watch us compete. I can’t guarantee a win but our guys will play hard”.

The following conferences for men’s basketball will both be on campus at the Dan and Ada Rice Center. First will be on Tuesday against Rockford University at 7 p.m. while the other will be on Saturday against Lakeland at 2 p.m.