How to Survive Your Semester in College?

College is Stressful if you make it Stressful

Tatanisha Wooley

School can be stressful and college is no exception. While in college you have to balance classes, significant other, volunteering, social life, studying, and extracurricular. It is no wonder that someone does not have gray hair after leaving college. Not everyone can balance all of that and still maintain a high G.P.A. it takes a lot of discipline and time organization. For everyone who is not as organized here are some steps to take to make you have the G.P.A you want every semester.
1. Make you own decisions- No matter what anyone tells you no one knows you better than you know yourself. Yes, you can go to someone for advice but at the end of the day only you could make the final decisions. What says “I am an adult” than not having to run to your parents all the time to solve your problems.
2. Think twice before living with a friend- Even though people would rather live with people they know it can potentially end badly. I have seen firsthand friendships end because they lived together. Not all friends are compatible to live together. I know I am a super clean person and I can’t live in filth so I would need roommates who are just like me. You wouldn’t want to end your friendship over some silly roommate drama.
3. Choose class seats Wisely-Finding the perfect seat is a struggle because you want to be able to pay attention to the professor. If you are like me sitting in the back is not an option because you get distracted by everything your classmates do and after sometime, you realize you miss some important stuff. Also, who you sit by will determine your potential friends or even study groups.
4. Cool it on Trying to Find “The One”- Most people are not going to find the person they will marry in college so don’t freak out if you are a Senior and you aren’t sure about your relationship or don’t have a someone. You will the person who is perfect for you when the time is right.
5. Take all your Hard Classes First- You should take your hard classes first this way by Spring when your motivation has slipped you can relax by taking easier classes.