Breast feeding in public an outrage?

By: Monet Gildon
For many years the female body has become sexualized. The female breasts have become sexualized and near misrepresentation. Female breast change when a woman becomes pregnant, the change creates milk for the baby to feed and survive on. While there are many scientific researches as to why breast feeding is better for a child, there are people who believe that it is an outrage for a woman to be breastfeeding her baby in public. Children have been breast fed for centuries and now there is a problem with that act, at least in public that is.
The life of a mother is never easy and those women are juggling multiple hats. The cause behind the movements to ban women from breastfeeding in public is because people sexualize the female breast. This sexualization of the female body not only hinders mothers but it hinders all women as well. While there is no dispute that a child must eat, the only other way that a woman to breastfeed in public is to have a blanket over the baby and her breast while she breastfeeds. The other alternatives would be to pump milk at home later, which is time consuming.
Society and the media have been controlling the way that we as a society think, while we all agree that a baby must eat when it is hungry we don’t always agree on how the baby should be fed. The counter argument about breast feeding comes from people who are uneducated about the differences in the female and male anatomy. The argument in itself is unsound because of the way society and the media have changed the way we think about men and women sexually. Breast are the main thing that have become sexualized over time, society has forgotten that breasts are not just about luring in spouses and sexual enjoyment. The female breast is used to create milk which is used to sustain a child while they do not have the ability to eat solid food.
Life with a baby is not a walk in the park; mothers are constantly on their feet. We as a society do not realize the life of a mom isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Because of this we think that motherhood is easy. Not every mother has someone to help her out all day long; they do not always have the time to pump her breast milk. While we become more sensitive to thing that just makes common sense we forget one simple thing. The world does not revolve around us. When is it okay to harass a mother for feeding her baby? When is it okay to argue how a child should eat because it makes you uncomfortable? Instead of making laws to stop someone from doing something productive we should be examining why it make us uncomfortable in the first place, not trying to make them feel bad for doing something that is completely normal.