The Women Take a Loss

by Elana Garay

Women’s basketball lost to Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) by 54-41 on Saturday afternoon.
This loss has become the fourth loss in the women’s basketball season so far along with 11 wins.
“We beat them before, but we were not prepared for them this time”, said freshman Kija Cammock.
CUW started out with 9-0 in the first quarter and continued in the lead with 13-2. Benedictine scored the final two points at the end of the first quarter. The score was 15-8. Benedictine scored eight points in a row to gain the lead by a point at the middle of the second quarter.
The teams tied at 16 and once again CUW gained the lead. The second quarter ended with 21-18. Senior Nicole Botich scored the first point in the third quarter, but CUW advanced by 10 points.
Points rallied between teams and ended with 40-30. Benedictine scored the first four points in the final quarter and then CUW furthered in the lead by 14 points with 34 seconds left. The conference ended with another three points made by Benedictine then two more points made by CUW.
“We didn’t execute our game plan. I thought we did a great job battling back and had multiple chances to take the lead but never got over the hump. We will learn from this and grow as a team”, said head coach Charlie Averkamp.
Women’s basketball will be facing off Aurora University on January 19 at 7 p.m. at the Dan and Ada Rice Center. Another conference will be held off campus on January 23 at 4:15 p.m. against Milwaukee School of Engineering.