Planned Parenthood Controversy

by Mone’t Gildon

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, religion, and opinions. While we all have opinions and beliefs no one deserves to have someone else’s beliefs rammed down their throats. The year 2015 became a time where clashing beliefs became not just something that happened at Thanksgiving dinner with your family, it became a national normal. The more coverage from the media something got the more opinionated people became about their beliefs about the situation. The media plays a big role in forming people’s opinions. People who are uneducated about a situation and only hear segments of the news believe what they are being told. The problem is that we as a society do not research for ourselves and we judge without understanding. Since we do not know all the facts we create a partial opinion because we only pay attention to a media that only shows part of the whole story.
One of the most controversial things that happened in 2015 was the move to defund Planned Parenthood. While most of America was outraged about the harvesting of tissues of babies that are aborted in Planned Parenthood’s clinic, many people did not even realize that abortion is only one of the services provided. People have been protesting against Planned Parenthood because of one service, abortion, the most controversial thing that has been centered on Planned Parenthood. Whether or not a person supports it is up to them, but the one thing that we should not be judging is the organization and the people who depend on it.
Planned Parenthood provides general health care. Their services are anemia testing, tetanus vaccines, high blood pressure screenings, STD testing, and even sexual education just to highlight a few. While all these services are being provided the only thing that people focus on when they hear Planned Parenthood is abortion. The stigma around this organization has been going on for a long time and people who use these services are suffering from it. Some of Planned Parenthood’s clinics are regularly sights of protests. While everyone has their own beliefs it is not okay to harass people when you have no idea who they are, what is going on with their life, or why they are there. The stigma about Planned Parenthood has been around for years and yet not enough people are trying to change it.
There are people who go into Planned Parenthood clinics and find out something troubling, while right outside at the edge of the parking lot there are people who harass them out of ignorance; not knowing what brought them there. Life altering news can happen within the walls of that building. No one should have to deal with their whirlwind of emotions and then go out to their car just to see protestors with signs. Life is never easy and while everyone has a right to protest there are just some things that people do not think about. We are so caught up in ourselves and how this makes us feel that we overlook how others may be feeling. We forget everyone can handle things differently. What doesn’t bother you can bother someone else.