Oscars Nominations Predications

by Tatanisha Wooley

Once again it’s that time for the Oscars. Yay this makes me so excited…. Awards shows mean great performances and making fun of celebrities. This is a lie. I don’t like the Oscars, it’s a bunch of old stuffy men nominating the same ten actors every year. Out of that ten only 5 of them would win. I just like reading the list of winners on a website to see if my predications were right.
To point out actors like Jim Carrey and Will Smith has never been nominated and they have produced Oscar worthy work. I know not everyone can win the award otherwise what will be the point of Awards Shows if everyone can win. I just think that everyone should have a fair shot.
Anyway I could list a whole slew of actors and actresses who deserved to be at least nominated and have been robbed of the chance. That’s another article all together! For the sake of the length I will only do the three major categories. I could do Best Director but honestly I don’t care about that category. Do people really care about the other nominations? Although the thing people care about this year is whether poor Leonardo DiCaprio finally win? The poor man has been robbed time after time. Why dangle the candy in his face of you aren’t going to give it to him!

Best Picture- Spotlight
Movies that are nominated in the major categories and have swept the past award shows like the Golden Globes tend to be winners. This year that would be Spotlight. While many people have been talking about The Revenant it may not pick up the win due to Director Alejandro Gonzalez winning last year for Birdman. Spotlight was historical and it has a great cast.

Best Actress- Brie Larson
In the news the actress has been receiving a lot of love from the media. Jennifer is only 25 and she been nominated four times and had already won an Oscar, it can be pretty safe to say she won’t win this year. Although, I could be wrong. Brie is also the leading lady whom has taken home many awards this season.

Best Actor-Leo DiCaprio
For the goodness let the poor man win this one!! He has consistently put in great work, great nominated and lost because some other actor just had to be slightly better. An inch probably even smaller than that. I think the Oscars just like to play with Leo’s heart. Eddie Redmayne won last year and the Oscars like to avoid back to back winners. Michael Fassbender movie was a flop. I certainly had never heard of it. The only Steve Jobs movie I knew was the Ashton Kutcher one. This is the year for Leo, if he does not I don’t see the Oscars being as popular. The other actors this year aren’t competition to him.