UNICEF’s ‘Shut Out Trafficking’ Art Show

Marissa Perez Benedictine’s UNICEF club raises human trafficking awareness this week around campus. They started their week of events last Saturday with a game night and continued their awareness week on Monday with an art display located in the Kindlon atrium. “We’re just trying to raise awareness of the problem of human trafficking. This problem … Continue reading UNICEF’s ‘Shut Out Trafficking’ Art Show

Why Vote?

By: Katie Knudtson I don’t have the time. I don’t know anything about politics or the candidates. My vote doesn’t really matter. I’m registered in a different state. These are the excuses we tell ourselves come election time. But that’s all they are: excuses. Being a Benedictine student, we take courses that try to get … Continue reading Why Vote?

How to Survive Your Semester in College?

College is Stressful if you make it Stressful Tatanisha Wooley SCENE EDITOR School can be stressful and college is no exception. While in college you have to balance classes, significant other, volunteering, social life, studying, and extracurricular. It is no wonder that someone does not have gray hair after leaving college. Not everyone can balance … Continue reading How to Survive Your Semester in College?