A Christmas Carol: Benedictine’s First Theatrical Performance

Lights, Camera, Action! Benedictine University’s Theatre Club hosts its first performance in the Goodwin auditorium.
The Theatre Club performed the classic Charles Dickens play, A Christmas Carol, with a modern adaptation written by the president of the club, Jake Brown.
A number of families and students came out to see the opening night premiere, contributing to its success. It was a good production with a great combination of comic relief intertwined with the traditional tale.
“I think the funniest part of the play was when the ghost of Marley threw his arm at Scrooge,” said Luke Cole, an eight year old boy who came out to see the play with his sister and older cousin, student Dionna Mantucca.
The play took place in modern times, but with the same plot: a grumpy and greedy old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge, played by Raymond King, who despises the thought of charity, family and Christmas. Scrooge is visited by the spirit of his deceased partner Jacob Marley, played by M’jean Mason, who warned him to change his ways.
When Scrooge scrutinizes the thought of change, Marley tells him that he will be visited by the three Spirits of Christmas: the Ghost of Christmas Past (Faith Williamson), the Ghost of Christmas Present (Jacob Tarlow) and the Ghost of Christmas Future (Sam Venezia).
The ghosts come and visit Scrooge, as promised, and show him glimpses of his past, the occurring present, and what to expect in the future. Seeing all of the pain his actions have caused, Scrooge wakes up Christmas morning in bliss and with a change of heart.
“I am impressed, beyond belief,” said Tarlow (Ghost of Christmas Present) after the opening premiere, “Great job to the actors, the tech crew and everyone else who was involved in this project. They were amazing and they brought out the best this play could be and they also brought out the best in me. Everyone has their own charm, uniqueness, and personality that they brought to this performance and I am really thankful for all of them.”
“It was comical,” said junior Christina Schrott, “I think that the play was really good. For being the first production to be done here by the Theatre Club, it did really well. I am really excited to see what they have to offer us in the future.”
The play took place on December 11th and 12th, with a greater attendance than what was initially anticipated.
“I had three goals for this performance: put on a good play, make over $300, and prove to Benedictine’s students and administration that Benedictine’s Theater Club is actually a thing. I think we accomplished all these goals. We did this as a club with zero funding requests and made $347. This money will go to buying more modern rights to plays, props, costumes, sets, and whatever else we need,” said Brown.
“I am very happy with how it all went and I think it’s only going to get better from here,” said King (Scrooge).
If anyone is interested in joining the Theater Club, contact the President of the Club, Jake Brown on Facebook or by email .