Legal Careers Panel

by Elizabeth Welz

Last Thursday, December 3, Benedictine’s Pre-Law Society hosted a Legal Careers Panel to inform students about possible future legal careers.
“The event was very successful. It was very interesting to hear what actual lawyers and law students had to say about the field in general. They were honest individuals who were truly able to convey what my future in the law may look like,” said sophomore Paulina Piasecki, treasurer to the Pre-Law Society.
The event highlighted the various fields of work in the legal system in order to better provide prospective future law students with the knowledge about their future endeavors. About fifteen students attended the panel in order to gain important knowledge about legal careers.
The students who attended the event were Benedictine students looking at attending a law school in the near future.
Many of these students found this panel helpful since it highlighted the various fields of law in which a law student can focus and specialize in. The students noted that hearing the panel talking about their experiences in the field helped shape their perspective about what they plan to do in the future.
The event also opened students eyes to the amount of students and faculty connected to the legal careers. This made students feel very connected and closer to one another.
“It was very informative, I didn’t realize how many people Benedictine had connected to the legal profession,” said junior Patrick Courteau.
The panel consisted of various individuals ranging from law students to individuals with a Doctorate of Law.
The panel consisted of Attorney and Professor Ricky Holman, Attorney Brett Natarelli, Doctorate of Law and Professor Sydney DeLair, Attorney Nadia Shamsi, Paralegal Rebecca Socha, and Law Student Katie Welz.
The various degrees of the individuals gave students the vast perspective needed to fully comprehend the stages of a law career. The panel also provided the students with the opportunity to ask questions about their transition from an undergraduate program to a law school and questions about how to make connections throughout their careers.
The panelists also explained various aspects to their lives including particular aspects of their field of work, which cases impacted them the most and what they did to get past them, and what ethics meant to them in the profession.
The event succeeded with not only providing Benedictine students with the chance to learn about possible future legal careers, but it also allowed the students to come together with a common goal and interest. This common interest allowed the students and panel to discuss and plan for their future legal careers.