Hufflepuff Problems

by Tatanisha Wooley

Over the weekend, I went to see the play Potted Potter, this was a parody of all 7 Harry Potter’s books combined in a hilarious 90 minute show. When you watch the movies or read the books you notice that Hufflepuffs were constantly made fun of. This had me thinking that Hufflepuffs never receive the respect they deserve. They get the rep of being the class idiots, which is not true.
• They get along with everyone because they are so nice-Well, except that one time they thought Harry was the Lord Voldemort’s heir since he can speak to snakes. Hello, I would be afraid of someone who can speak to snakes!
• They avoid conflicts- Life is so much better when everyone could just get along and not use unforgivable curses on one another.
• They are the best at hide-n-seek- Seriously does anyone in the Harry Potter world know where the Hufflepuff’s common rooms are?
• They are most likely to major in the arts field- Hufflepuffs aren’t afraid of exploring their creative side.
• They are least likely to give up- While they aren’t the bravest, smartest, or most ambitious they are the hardest working. They have to work twice as hard to be as noticeable as the rest of the houses.
• BEST OF ALL J.K ROWLING HERSELF SAYS HUFFLEPUFF IS HER FAVORITE HOUSE!!- Take that three other houses the author of the series likes the yellow house the most.