How to Not Go Broke Between Thanksgiving and New Years

How to Not Go Broke Between Thanksgiving and New Years

Tatanisha Wooley

Now that the holidays are officially upon us this is usually around the time were people tend to spend the most of their hard earned money. If you do not want to start the New Year being broke and waiting for your tax refund follow these steps to ensure you get the most out of your money.

• Make a list of everyone you are shopping for to ensure no one is left out
• Make sure the people on the list are important- you don’t have to buy gifts for everyone
• Have at least three possible gifts they would want
• Set an amount of money you are willing to spend on that person and stick to that
• Decide the total amount on how much you are willing to spend
• Pay in cash ONLY!
• Your credit card will be the last resort unless you can pay it off quickly to avoid the interest fees
• Start shopping early to avoid when stores up the prices
• Send E-Card, gift cards, or Visa cards
• Cut back on other areas of your life to save a little bit more money
• Get creative with homemade gifts for the people in your life you afford to buy a gift for
• If you throw a party have make it a potluck so you aren’t task with cooking all the food
• Enjoy free holiday activities your town or city has
• Donate kid’s unused toys and clothes to teach them the value of Christmas and how you should give back to the less unfortunate.