Surviving Black Friday

by Tatanisha Wooley

If you are like me you look forward to the awesome sales they have on Black Friday but you dread the long lines, thick crowds, and probably fighting someone for that discounted television. Black Friday has become increasingly popular as shoppers hunt for amazing bargains. Here are some suggestions to follow if you want to avoid getting trample by people and not bargains.
1. Know what you want before starting out- If you don’t know what you want you should rethink your plan before heading out. Do you want clothes, accessories, or electronics? This is an important question to ask yourself before you drive around aimlessly. Without a proper plan you will spend money on items you don’t necessarily want. If you are shopping for people make a list of possible items they would want.
2. Plan your budget- If money is tight but you still want to shop, a budget will be perfect. Have a set amount of money you will spend and stick to it. To ensure you will not go over bring the money in cash and leave your credit card at home.
3. Find bargains- Collect any newspaper ads and coupons. You could make a price lower by having coupons. Most stores allow you to use multiple coupons, which is great for any shopper. Also, know what is on sell and when. Some stores will opened for a couple of hours while some are opened all day.
4. Don’t forget about online sales- If you don’t like crowds this could be your alternative. Most stores will offer the same deals online as the in-store you just have to do your research. The sales will come in at midnight so look up your favorite stores. Some stores will even allow for you to pay the Black Friday price as long as you pick it up at their store.
5. Pick the perfect shopping buddy- Depending on how you shop either taking your time or getting in and out you will need someone who will match your pace. Having someone along will make the process a lot more enjoyable especially if you plan on camping out.