Ice Ice Baby

by Taylor Devich

On Friday, November 20, students flocked to the Seven Bridges Ice Arena for a night out on the ice. Some students zoomed around the arena with flying colors while others struggled to hold onto the wall.
As much as everyone enjoys a good wipeout, it’s nice to see students helping each other up and even trying to teach others how to skate.
Living in the icy Midwest, it’s strange to hear that some students have never ice skated, but the enthusiasm of the first time skaters was truly courageous.
“It was a great time! I’ve never been before so it was super cool to try something new. I was a little nervous at first, but I’m definitely glad I went,” said junior John Mason.
Guys came decked out in their favorite hockey jerseys and the ladies wore their best sweaters.
The rink was open to the public and free for Benedictine students. The college kids were trying to maintain their balance while small children under three feet tall practiced their figure 8’s and triple toes; even some of the most athletic students looked like Bambi on ice.
Some couples danced across the ice while others struggled to stay standing. Junior Lexi Weidley and her boyfriend, junior Kevin Kreighbaum, agreed that not falling the entire night was a big accomplishment for the two of them.
“Ice skating was a ton of fun! It was awesome to see everyone out on the ice together,” said Weidley.
Based on the smiling faces around the ice arena, everyone had a wonderful time. As Outkast once asked in their hit song Hey Ya, “What’s cooler than being cool? Ice Cold!” There’s nothing cooler than spending a Friday night out on the ice with good friends making good memories.