Caving In

by Hashim Arain

Since the deadly terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris which killed dozens of innocent civilians, there has been an ongoing controversy back here in the US on whether to allow displaced Syrian refugees on US soil. There has been a number of governors across the country who have stated in recent days that they will not allow any Syrian refugees to come within their state borders. According to NBC News governors from Alabama, Arizona, Florida, to Mississippi, Nebraska, Michigan, and Illinois have stated that they will institute this rule.
NBC News also reports that the reason that there’s been some worry among some governors about accepting Syrian refugees into their states, is because there was a Syrian passport found next to the body of one of the attackers in Paris. This has created fear in those that think that some of the members of ISIS may be pretending to be a refugee in order to get into a country of their choosing. This decision by these governors have been met with controversy, but most of them have stated that they are just protecting the American public by enforcing this ban on refugees.
I understand that these governors have to protect the American people first and foremost, but these refugees are escaping these terrorists and are afraid of them just as much as we are. Turning our back on these refugees is exactly what ISIS wants the US to do, they want us to have a sense of fear and paranoia, and by turning back these refugees, it shows them that their plan is working. These refugees shouldn’t be denied entry into the US, just because one of the ISIS attackers pretended to be one of them.
I know that instituting a ban on refugees must’ve been a tough decision to make for these governors, but I wish they thought out this decision a little more, instead of having a knee jerk reaction to this. According to the Huffington Post France has recently said that it’ll allow more refugees into its country after the attacks. I think some of these governors should learn from France, and have the courage to be strong in their actions in the face of fear.
Again, these refugees don’t wish any harm on the people that are willing to take them in, they just want to escape the terror that has ravaged their country for four years and to live a peaceful life with their families. These governors are just stoking the fears of a shaken American public after they witness the tragedy in Paris from a far. We should be strong willed and let these refugees come in, and to not be afraid of ISIS’s calls for attacks. The US needs to show ISIS that we’re not hesitant to let these refugees in, and that we will not cave into their fear tactics.
As the New York Times reports President Obama recently stated that the US’s borders will welcome these refugees. These Republican governors should stand with the president on this one.