Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

by Taylor Devich

If you ask any student what they look forward to the most here at Benedictine, I can almost guarantee they will tell you about Benedictine’s annual Thanksgiving Dinner.
Thursday, November 18 students gathered to enjoy a wonderful evening with their fellow classmates and close friends. Each and every year this dinner gives students a little something extra to be thankful for.
For a single meal swipe, one can get plates upon plates of amazing food. With the best turkey and ham you’ve ever tasted, the sweetest sweet potatoes, and the most delicious cherry crisp, you can’t go wrong at this dinner. I could go on forever about how delicious the food is, but what really stands out to me is the way the students, faculty, and family members come together to enjoy an amazing meal.
“It’s one of my favorite days of the school year. It’s so nice to have everyone come together because Benedictine is a home away from home,” said senior Ryan Donato.
Benedictine never fails to make students feel at home. By senior year, students find themselves apart of a close, tight-knit family and this Thanksgiving Dinner celebrates that warm feeling of being a part of something wonderful: being a part of Benedictine.
“It was quite a festive event. It was great to have a nice dinner with close friends before heading back for the holidays,” said senior Jeff Smitheram.
Overall the Thanksgiving Dinner was an evening well spent among loved ones and close friends. After a night like that, students might be feeling a different kind of homesickness over the upcoming breaks, a homesickness of their home away from home, Benedictine.