America pays respect to the terror victims in Paris

By Reem Ibrahim

People all over America attended several rallies of support for Paris and France this weekend. The deadly attack that killed 132 took place on Friday and Americans gathered together to show their support for the victims. Emmanuel Bardon, arriving from Paris, landed in Boston expressing his thoughts and feelings about the incident. USA Today reports, “He never thought a peace rally for his country would be part of his long planned business trip.”

The rally that occurred in Boston consisted of a quiet crowd, some were holding flags and others held posters with messages such as “Je suis Paris” (“I am Paris”). After a long period of silence, USA Today reports that the crowd eventually broke out into singing the France national anthem. “Paris is somewhere that you’re supposed to go and be happy,” stated Marine Gazan. She’s from the south of France who came to Boston to be a caretaker for a family.

In Chicago, another rally consisted of a small crowd that gathered outside the office of the Consulate General of France. In New York City, thousands gathered in Washington Square Park and Union Square to also mourn the deaths of the victims. The Washington Post then reports about the hundreds of people who gathered at the gates of the French Embassy in Washington to lay flowers.

As the people of Paris suffered, the people of America suffered as well. Just as the events of 9/11 occurred and countries all over the world expressed their support, Americans will do exactly the same for the people of Paris. Fran Maclean, a freelance journalist reports to The Washington Post, “It’s like 9/11 all over again for Americans. I’m fighting tears. It’s terrible.” She spent some time gazing at a memorial of candles, flowers and messages left for the people of Paris.