What You Think will happen during Colleges vs What Really Happens?

There’s many lies we tell ourselves as college students. They range from “I’ll definitely study for this test for the next week” to “I’m going to the gym today.” Whatever it is, there’s the myths to the college experience and there’s the reality and no matter how much we try to deny it, what really happens always ends up our reality.

Myth: You will party all day and everyday
What really happens: Once 12 a.m. hits you are ready for bed because you have an 8 a.m. the next day. Also, seeing people get sloppy drunk is such a turn off.

Myth: Your dorm will look like it came out the pages of Bed Bath &Beyond.
What really happens: What really happens-You remember that you have to share a room as freshman and you would be lucky to fit anything from BBB in your room.

Myth: You won’t gain the freshman 15
What really happens: Between the binge night eating and coffee you will be lucky if you graduate college only gaining 15 pounds.

Myth: You will instantly meet your best friend for life
What really happens: Your roommate will be your main friend until you are able to branch out and meet new people through classes and social activities.

Myth: You will have endless energy to go out after classes and studying
What really happens: Your 15 minute nap will turn into a 3 hour nap and you will wake up to find 10 missed calls from friends and text messages saying that they left without you.
Myth: You don’t need to study as much and procrastination is key
What really happens: Unless you paid attention in your classes all semester then you are going to need to crack open a book otherwise finals week will be hell for you

Myth: You and your Roommate will be best friends
What really happens: There is a chance that your roommate can just very well be your just your roommate…or worse your mortal enemy. Not all roommates can get along.

Myth: When you have free time you will take the time to work out
What really happens: Not likely to happen because you are going to come up with something else to do other than work out.

Myth: Parents will pay for everything
What really happens: Your parents will be willing to pay for classes and tuition but they will not support your “after classes activities”