A Need For Bipartisanship

by Hashim Arain

A couple weeks ago the Republican led House of Representatives elected Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as their new Speaker of The House. Ryan replaced John Boehner, after Boehner announced that he was stepping down as Speaker in October.
There were some Republicans who ran for the position of Speaker, but those in the party believed that Paul Ryan was the most qualified for the job. Ryan is known as an expert on conservative economics within the Republican Party, and has been in Congress for more than 17 years.
According to the Los Angeles Times Ryan promised to fix a “broken” Republican led House, and “wiping the slate clean” as he begins to hold the position as Speaker.
The LA Times also reports that Ryan had early success as Speaker when he was able to pass a highway bill that had huge bipartisan support, due to Ryan opening debate up for the bill, and letting lawmakers add amendments to the bill. The LA Times also notes that Ryan knows that the job of Speaker won’t be easy, but he’s up for the challenge.
According to the Washington Post Ryan wishes to bring back the House rule of “regular order” which means that legislation has to go through various committees, and that all members of the House has a chance to amend bills before they are put up for a vote.

It sounds like Ryan wants to lead a more productive House of Representatives than his predecessor, but I believe in order to do that, there needs to be a sense of bipartisanship from both Democrats and Republicans, as future legislation move through this section of government.
Maybe Ryan is the right guy for the job, he’s now the new face of the Republican Party in Congress, and has the experience as a legislator to think of big policy ideas and getting help from fellow lawmakers on getting those ideas passed.
The one thing that Ryan has to do as Speaker is to try to keep the ultra conservative Tea Party Congress members in line, some of them have been the main cause as to why not a lot of legislation has been passed in the House in recent years.
The LA Times reports that Ryan has had meetings with these members to see how they can work with one another. I hope Ryan can succeed as the job of Speaker by advocating for common sense solutions to the problems that face this country, particularly on economic issues. I also hope that Ryan doesn’t cater to the demands of what the Tea Party House members want, and just focus on what’s best for the country in the long run.
There needs to be bipartisanship in the House in order for it to function properly and be productive. It certainly won’t be easy for Paul Ryan to always have bipartisan support on controversial legislation, but I will give him a chance in order to make this happen. Our political system is broken, hopefully Paul Ryan is the step in the right direction to start fixing it.