Serious Contenders

By: Hashim Arain

Last Wednesday the third Republican presidential primary debate took place in Colorado, where the remaining candidates once again made their case to the American public on why they should be the next President. The debate had the usual antics of candidates criticizing each other for their positions on the issues, and it also provided a more clearer picture on who’s ahead of the pack in the field. According to Newsweek the debate showed that some of the candidates like Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Ohio Governor John Kasich proposed that Medicare can be improved for the next generation of Americans, by limiting Medicare benefits for high income earners and retirees.


This shows that some of these candidates are starting a serious dialogue about this country’s economy, and how they can make it better in the long run. The debate was hosted by business cable network CNBC, where they mostly focused on asking economy based questions of the candidates. The big storyline going into the debate was whether former Florida Governor Jeb Bush would have a strong showing at the debate, since he has been struggling to gain traction in the polls among voters. The overall consensus from political observers was that Bush struggled, and Rubio significantly improved.


According to the Washington Post Rubio and Bush are both trying to get the attention of voters in Iowa, as the Iowa Caucuses draw near, and so far Rubio is the new favorite in trying to catch up to Bush in Iowa. According to the British newspaper the Guardian ever since the debate Bush has gone on to attack Rubio as a campaign strategy, which criticizes him for his financial connections to billionaires in his past, and also criticizing Rubio for being too inexperienced to be President.


The Guardian also notes that since the debate Rubio has gotten attention from Republican donors and voters in Iowa, where he was greeted by huge crowds of supporters while giving a speech there. The overall consensus from the debate was that this current field of candidates is starting to take shape, on who exactly has a good shot at getting the Republican nomination. The post debate reaction has been that Bush struggled big time in this debate, giving little reason as to why voters should vote for him.


Also, this debate showed that Rubio has a good shot at catching up to Bush in the polls. Along with Bush and Rubio, I think Kasich could make some waves with voters, especially if he keeps talking about his superb past economic record in Congress. A lot can happen between now and when the early presidential contests in Iowa and New Hampshire occur after the new year, but I think the appeal of Donald Trump and Ben Carson may be fizzling out.


There are a few serious contenders for the Republican nomination, who could do well in the general election next November, it should be interesting to see who’s ahead of the pack once the first presidential contests are done.