Sweets can be healthy for you

by Elana Garay



Generally, chocolate is not healthy due to too many calories, a lot of sugar and lower bone density. Out of the three main types of chocolate (white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate), dark chocolate has health benefits.

Dark chocolate helps lower blood pressure and contains antioxidants. “A number of short-term studies conducted in recent years have suggested that dark chocolate can cause blood vessels to dilate, and thus lower blood pressure, although this is not the case with white chocolate and milk chocolate” stated from the website latimes.

Not only does dark chocolate help with lowering the blood pressure but also helps with the blood flow to the brain and helps lower the risk of cavities. “Dark chocolate increases blood flow to the brain as well as to the heart, so it can help improve cognitive function. Dark chocolate also helps reduce your risk of stroke… Dark chocolate contains theobromine, which has been shown to harden tooth enamel. That means that dark chocolate, unlike most other sweets, lowers your risk of getting cavities if you practice proper dental hygiene”, stated from the website fitday. Overall, this bittersweet candy is healthy.