Scariest Halloween Movies

by Tatanisha Wooley




Halloween is all about being scared and loving it. If you love scary movies just as much as the next horror junky, then these movies will definitely entertain you. So, make some popcorn, find a friend and get ready for a movie night full of blood, screams and good times.

Halloween (1978) If you trying to go for terrifying and creepy movies this is perfect, and not because it is named after the holiday. What I love about the movie is that it relies on the atmosphere rather than the graphic horror like many horror movies. You knew something was about to happened when the creepy music started playing. The music alone was enough to terrify you about the escaped masked murderer, who likes to creep around his hometown of Haddonfield.

The Amityville Horror (1979) The fact that the movie is based off, “true events” should get you scared enough. There are mixed accounts on whether what happened in the Long Island manse is true or not. As you sleep throughout the nights it’s hard not to jump at the strange sounds that you hear throughout the night. The lesson I learned that is too never move into a house that’s old and more importantly where a murder took place. It may seem like common sense but to the family it obviously was not.

The Omen (1976) This movie is known for the bad luck that had befallen the cast and crew. What happened offset was scarier than the actual movie! The movie has had the worst luck filming than any other movie. John Richardson, who was an assistant crashed his car and his assistant was sliced though the car’s front wheel. What’s scarier than this is Richardson looked up and saw a sign that read, “Ommen”, 66.6km. Talk about terrifying. This is just one of stories and there are more! If you are going to adopt a child please meet the child’s parents first or at least get a photo. Creepy kids are more terrifying than creepy adults.

The Shining (1980) From a little boy who see terrifying visons to an ordinary husband who slowly descends into pure madness and becomes a homicidal maniac, this movie has everything you could want in a scary movie. The fact that it is based off a Stephen King book should hold your interest.

            The Evil Dead (2013) Fede Alvares’z remake of the classic Evil Dead is a movie that will leave you petrified. Five friends head to a remote cabin. There they find A book of the Dead where the conjure up a demon in the woods. This evil presence possesses each one until the last is left fighting for their life. Despite the cliche story line, the movie is excellently terrifying.