Only On Halloween…

by Tatanisha Wooley



            Halloween is one of the most fun holidays and you need to have a great night. Halloween is the one holiday where there is so much pressure to have the best night ever. If you aren’t going to a craze party and you aren’t wearing the best costume you your night will look so lame.


  1. Trying come up with the perfect creative costume is hard. You feel as if you are writing your essay and you are stuck on coming with the best thesis.
  2. The only thing harder than coming up with an idea is picking just one. There are so many great ideas you can think off so narrowing it down to just one just breaks your heart.
  3. Group costumes are pain. Sure they are cute and look great for photos, but trying to get group of people to agree on something is the worst part.
  4. When your costumes does not work with the weather. You will either have to wear a jacket to avoid freezing and covering up your super cute outfit. If you go the other route you will sweat underneath your costume. You cannot win with the weather especially living in Chicago or surrounding area.
  5. Having your parents not be cool with your choice. This is obviously a problem if you with your parents or are still in high school.
  6. Costumes are so expensive. Why is it that if I want to be a princess I need to shell out 60 dollars for it. Why must Party City have to take half my paycheck every Halloween? You will only wear the costume for one night. If your costume has to have multiple accessories like shoes, wigs or gloves that more money you have to spend.
  7. The DIYing costumes are just much harder to ensemble. Sites like Pinterest makes it look so easy but once you find yourself knee deep in glue and construction paper, you will find yourself driving to the nearest Halloween costume store.
  8. If you are buying a costume your only two options are to buy a little girl’s outfit or something revealing and sexy. Hello, designers some people want a costume that fits and make you feel festive. Is that so hard for them to do?
  9. Every year you debate on whether you are too old for trick-or-treating. Yes, you want free candy but you also don’t want neighbors asking, “Aren’t you too old for this?”
  10. It sucks when someone wears the same costume as you. It’s like you are on your own version of, “Who wore it best?” and it’s very unwanted. How could someone wear the same costume when there are so many costumes out there?
  11. When you and friends cannot agree on what to do. Should you trick-or-treat? Have a movie marathon? Is someone throwing a party? Even if there is, can you all even go? Maybe one of you can throw the party if so who gets to be the hostess?
  12. Getting sick off too much candy. One or two can be totally delicious. Having ten or more can leave you feeling like your stomach like it’s the end of the world. You will end up in a food coma.
  13. If you have braces you can forget about eating most of your candy. You can say goodbye to your gummy, sticky and yummy treats until your braces are off.
  14. Being afraid of all the popups. Just when you think that seen of them your neighbors had one more hiding from you.