Annual Math Competition

Jessica Buettner





The Benedictine math club hosted the annual mathematics competition  on October 20. It allowed students to compete against each other in a friendly competition.

Many professors offered extra credit to their students who chose to be a part of the competition because it is truly educational as well as fun to compete friends who share the same love for math.

“Watching people acttually have fun doing math is a rare thing I think, so being able to create that kind of enviroment with this competition was pretty awesome,” said Math Club president, Hannah Wangler.

There were eight questions total and each question had to be answered within the span of two minutes. After the two minutes were up, it was time to move onto the next question; it was like a rapid fire questionnaire that each individual needed to try to complete.

“We open it up to everyone in the university. We set it up in three different divisions, so that everybody can be at a level appropriate to them and that everybody can compete for a chance to win a prize,” said Dr. Anothony Delegge, Math Club Advisor. “And more importantly, they get free food so they know that math is not just something you do in class for tests. It’s something fun.”

There were three different categories that the competitors can choose in terms of the type of competition they choose to participate in: Algebra/Trigonometry, Calculus 1 and Calculus 2. Each person could only participate in one of the three groups because the groups went simultaneously.

The person who had answered the most questions correctly won; if there were two people with the same number of correct questions, there was a tie-breaker question and whoever answered the question first was declared the winner.

The first place winner in each category received a $10 gift card to Amazon and second place winner in each category received a $5 gift card to Starbucks. There was pizza and cookies provided afterwards for everyone to sit down and talk while the judges graded everyone’s answer sheet.

“The turnout wasn’t what made this event a success, it was the amount of people actually enjoying themselves while doing math problems that made it so fun, and successful,” said Wangler.

If you are good at math and/or you want to partake in a friendly competition, then be on the lookout for the next math contest.

Raneen Zubi contributed to this story.