Football Wins Homecoming Conference

by Elana Garay



Benedictine’s football team defeated Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) on Saturday afternoon on Homecoming day. CUW had the lead throughout the game until Benedictine surpassed their opponent in the last two quarters.

“Big win for us, we showed a lot of heart coming back from a 28-7 deficit in the second half.  We did not play well in the first half but got it together when we needed to.  We had to stop their QB and continue to control the ball and score which we were able to do”, said head coach Jon Cooper.

CUW began in the lead with 7-0 in the first quarter. Another seven points we added for CUW in the beginning, then Benedictine made a comeback in the middle of the second quarter. CUW ended the second quarter with more points added for them.

“It was one of the greatest games I’ve got to play in since being at Benedictine. It was a great team effort, even from those not playing. Being able to compete and win a game that look unwinnable takes heart and we have it as a football team”, said Senior Kevin Kreighbaum.

CUW scored at the beginning of the third quarter. Junior Elijah Walker with the assist of Sophomore Ryan Sample scored twice. Benedictine began to catch up to CUW with the score of 28-21 at the end of the third quarter.

Freshmen Jose Santiago scored around the start of the last quarter then followed a final seven points. Benedictine finished the conference with Junior Jake Valas with the assist of Sample and another by Walker with the assist of Sample. The final score was 39-35.

The upcoming conference for Benedictine’s football will be against Concordia University Chicago (CUC) on Saturday October 24 at 1:30 p.m.