Life without Elena Gilbert

Tatanisha Wooley




As a fan of the Vampire Diaries I was a little skeptical about what the show could do without star and fan favorite Elena Gilbert, played the incredible Nina Dobrev after she exited from the show following the ending of season six.  Although, it’s bad to say I was not too sad to see her leave, don’t get me wrong I love Nina Dobrev she’s awesome but Elena was driving me crazy! She was a whiny, spoiled and at times ungrateful, and I felt the show was about her relationship with Damon. I wanted to see how the show would do with the other characters since their lives surrounded Elena and all her drama.

When season 7 premiere, I had to miss out due to work obligations, but Friday morning there I was on my CW app watching. Throughout the show they mention Elena’s name a million (this was totally expected can’t pretend the girl didn’t exist). Damon struggle the most with her death and with the fact that Bonnie was alive because her life was links to Elena’s. This may sound confusing but basically a crazy witch link the lives together; Elena is in a deep sleep and will not awake unless Bonnie dies. Bonnie is Damon’s best friend but Elena is his soulmate, so you see his dilemma?

I was disappointed that no one mention Tyler leaving. I want to know what he is up too. Is he happy now that he is back to werewolf because his last girlfriend sacrifice herself to save him? I am proud of Matty Blue Eyes, he’s now a cop and he is ready to protect other humans who cannot defend themselves against the supernatural.

Vampire Diaries would not be the show it is without the big bag villains. This season’s villains are the heretics. These witchpires are half witch and vampire making them the baddest villains to ever hit the show. The heretics killed everyone in Matt’s graduation class and the town sheriff, leaving Matt the only cop left. Elena was the only person missed, Alaric spent the entire show trying to get his wife back. His wife is dead by the same witch who curse Bonnie and Elena. He was dopey and miserable, ugh it was annoying! Not his fault, I blame the writers, why can’t they ever let him be happy.  All three of the women he loved have died. Let Alaric have his happy ending. If there anyone who deserves it it’s him. Anyway the first episode was awesome and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.