Co-Stars who Hated One Another

Tatanisha Wooley


Being an actor on television or in movies can be hard there’s long hours and the pressure to make sure what is being filmed is good for the audience. The day can be longer if you hated the person that you were working with. Here are some co-stars who had to work with one another despite hating one another.

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray-One Tree Hill

The two played fan favorite couple Brooke and Lucas so fans were happy when the two got together in real life. They even got marry but like their characters they could not make it work and ended divorcing after five months. Rumors have it that it was due to Murray’s wandering eye. He cheated on Bush with House of Wax co-star Paris Hilton. Bush has said in interviews, that her mother has taught her not to talk bad about people, when asked what’s it’s like working with an ex especially one where your characters are romantically involved.

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively- Gossip Girl

The two may have played best friends who offer stabbed one another in the back on the hit show but it looks like the drama spread out into real life. During the last two seasons the set became icy due to its leading ladies cat fighting. Reports say that Leighton was mad that Blake had never reach out to congratulate her on her marriage to Adam Brody.

Kirk Cameron and Julie McCullough- Growing Pains

When the show premiere fans were ecstatic that two of the hottest stars were in one show. Once Cameron became an extreme Christian he wanted to rewrite scenes so that they fit his strict religious views.  This applied to his co-stars as well. Cameron would call out anyone who did not follow his views. Even though they starred on the show Cameron had McCullough after she posed nude for Playboy and he accused the show of promoting pornography. McCullough’s career has never been the same since.

Tyrese Gibson and James Franco- Annapolis

Anyone who has work with Franco knows that he is a method actor. Once he is in character he does like to break from that person. This could be hard on co-stars who do not show the same way of acting. This was the case with Gibson. He said that Franco was too intense and he would hit him full on during their boxing scenes. Franco has since apologized saying he acted like a jerk while filming.