by Tim Ziman

The Benedictine chapter of UNICEF hosted a kickball tournament on Saturday, October 10. Known for their larger-than-life events, this one was no different and hosted multiple charities for a kickball tournament.
Students were charged $3 to enter the tournament with proceeds going to many different charities including: Make-a-Wish, Children First and Epilepsy Foundation.
“The teams that participated and won were able to donate to the charities of their choice. So this fundraiser didn’t only benefit UNICEF but it also benefited other organizations!” said sophomore Michelle Piasecki, Public Relations Officer for UNICEF.
It was great to see a large turnout of students to the event to help support Unicef’s mission to reach out more to the Benedictine community in their charity work, coming just on the heels of the Water Walk event .The winning team donated their 40% to the Make-a-Wish Foundation which is a major charity designed to grant wishes and inspire children from all walks of life.
The second place team donated their 30% to the Epilepsy Foundation which is a foundation set up to assist families in their daily lives who have family members that have epilepsy, especially children and young teenagers, as well as adults.
The last 30% of the proceeds went directly to Unicef to help it continue to provide events at Benedictine as well as its continual goal to make a difference in the world with their charity work and support for local communities. It is always great to see students commit themselves to working for such a well-established charity and most importantly having fun organizing and running weekend events.
“The kickball game was a great opportunity for us to go outside and enjoy a wonder Saturday afternoon while helping out a number of charities,” said senior Varun Bhalla, UNICEF Club member. “What was interesting about this event was that each team played for their own charity, so not only did we help out UNICEF but we were also able to donate money to other organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation and the Epilepsy Foundation.”
Currently BenU’s UNICEF has done wonders on campus with events like the BenU Water Walk, and their customary Halloween themed Trick and Treat Totboxes aimed at raising money, not just for the club, but more importantly for UNICEF itself.