Lisle Police Officer Fatally Shoot Man after Attempted Break-in

by Elizabeth Welz

A Lisle police officer fatally shot a man after responding to an alleged home invasion on Saturday, officials stated.
According to a statement published by the Lisle Police Department, officers responded to a call of a 35-year-old man allegedly attempting to break-in to a single family home in Lisle.
A 59 year-old woman who lives alone in the home, was awoken by the sounds of footsteps on the front porch. The woman then reported to police that an unknown subject was violently kicking the front door in attempt to break it down, police stated.
The women told police that she attempted to barricade the door as the subject moved to the rear of the house where he allegedly continued to attempt to break into the house, police stated.
Lisle Police Department preliminary information indicated that Lisle police officers arrived at the scene at approximately 5:16 a.m.
One officer used a stun gun, which reportedly had no effect. Another officer then shot the subject, police stated.
The subject was later identified as Anthony Aguilar. Aguilar was reportedly shot in the chest and later taken to Good Samaritan Hospital located in Downers Grove, where he was later pronounced dead, according to the DuPage County coroner’s report.
The woman was not injured and the police officers involved were treated and released from Edwards Hospital in Naperville.
“(Police) use lethal force is to stop a threat, not to take life. It’s something you train for, but pray you never have to do,” said Benedictine Police Chief Michael Salatino.
According to Salatino, most police officers go through 20 to 30 years in the force without having to make the decision to use deadly force.
“With the availability of non-lethal force resources like Tasers, chemical sprays, pressure points, batons and other devices and techniques, give an officer an alternative in the use of force continuum,” said Salatino. “That being said, when the life of another citizen, or a police officer is in imminent danger, there may not be time for non-lethal tactics, as every second counts when confronted by someone with a lethal intent.”
The Illinois State Police continue to investigate the October 10 shooting, the names of the police officers was not released, however the Lisle Police Department stated in an October 11 press release that the officer that fired his firearm has been with the police department for three years. The other two officers involved have been with the department for nine and 19 years, police stated.
As the investigation continues, there has been no indication that the home invasion was anything more than a random act and the victim has indicated that she did not know the subject who attempted to enter her home, police stated.