Kevin McCarthy dropped out of race for House speaker

by Victoria Wojciechowski

McCarthy, a Republican politician from California, abruptly announced last Thursday that he would be removing his bid as House speaker. Usually, dropping out of a political race would not be so shocking, but this case is different. McCarthy seemed like he was a sure bet – he really had a chance. So, why drop out?
According to McCarthy, he felt that he could never live up to John Boehner. Still, it seems highly unlikely that a man that far ahead would drop out because of the shoes he would have to fill, especially when he has been acquainted with those shoes for some years. Others agree that McCarthy’s excuse for dropping out seems highly suspicious. With that, rumors have been flying that the real reason he dropped out is because of the affair he was in.
With whom may this alleged affair have been with? None other than Rep. Renee Ellmers. Though both have denied the affair, it seems suspect that it has come to light at a time of turmoil. If McCarthy would have been in an affair, whether with Ellmers or someone else, it could have been the point-blank shot that brought his campaign to an tumultuous end – though not much is different now.
McCarthy, who has been married since 1992, has the persona of the all-American family man. Because of this, it’s possible that the idea of his affair being released to the public if he were to continue on with his campaign was too much for him to handle for a few reasons.
To start with, it could ruin his marriage. If he was sneaking around his wife’s back, he obviously didn’t want to get caught. He most likely feared getting a divorce or disappointing his two children.
Along these lines, America hasn’t been too keen on any politician who has had his or her affair brought into focus. Anthony Weiner, Chris Lee, and Mark Souder are just a handful of people whose political careers came to an abrupt end after their (alleged) affairs came to light. It’s just a fact that can’t be denied: Americans don’t like politicians who cheat!
Past experiences have led Americans to fear, for the most part, that their politicians are crooked, scandalous, and morally corrupt. Having an affair is triple no-no that falls under all three of these categories. Americans don’t want someone who has already lied to their spouse, the supposed closest person to another. If a politician were already lying to his spouse, lying to the public would be even easier for him. It’s simple: Americans hate cheaters, and what Americans hate, political parties also “hate.”
It would be unlikely for McCarthy’s conservative party to support him if proof was made public that the affair did happen. The Republican Party would drop him like he’s on fire – and not in the good way.
With all of this coming to a head, dropping out might have been the best choice for McCarthy Even though it does seem suspicious that he dropped out right as these allegations were being made, maybe he really is an all-American man who just can’t fill Boehner’s shoes.