Best Haunted Houses in Illinois

by Tatanisha Wooley

With a couple of weeks left till Halloween if you are still scrambling to find plans you could go a haunted house. Haunted houses are awesome because they test how far you are willing to take your fear. If you are like me and literally everything under the sun terrifies you then maybe haunted houses are not your thing. Although I am willing to try because I need to conqueror my fear.

Statesville Haunted Prison- 17250 S Weber Rd. CREST HILL, Illinois, 60441

Statesville Prison has been named “Best Haunted House in Chicagoland” for 12 out of 15 years. It’s easy to see why it was named scariest haunted house because there is two haunted houses in one place. Once you make it through one will you be brave enough to conqueror the second one? This time the prison has added more cells and prisoners, increasing the number of scares. You will spend more time inside fighting your way out as both Statesville and City of the Dead have increased their walls by 20 percent. You have to fight your way through 23 maximum cells and come face to face with over 100 craze criminals!

Basement of the Dead-42 West New York St Aurora, Illinois, 60506

Basement of the Dead is not for the weak-hearted as it was scariest haunted house in 2013 and it is easy to see why. You are walking through unspeakable horror and you could not begin to think what will await you as you take the terrifying journey. If you hate clowns then this is not the haunted house for you as the clowns are terrifying. They make the clown in the movie, It look friendly. You will witness horror that you would think could only be portrayed in movies.

The Massacre Haunted House- 299 Montgomery Road Montgomery, Illinois, 60538

The name says it all because it is a massacre once you enter. Only the brave will enter and make it through. Ghastly horrors await you and Massacre is always looking for new victims to claim as its own. There are over 100 actors in full makeup waiting to scare you as you try and make it through 60+ rooms quaking with terror as you take each step. There are mazes your nightmares will come to life.