by: Jessica Buettner


About a month ago Apple had an event where they announced their new products. These products included an iPhone 6S, an iPad Pro with additional keyboard and pen, an iPad mini 4, and new additions to the Apple watch.
Microsoft, in response to Apple’s release of products, has also hosted an event to show the world their list of new products. Even though there are one or two new products that are somewhat resembling what Apple has to offer, the rest are truly showing that Microsoft has truly changed within the past decade.
The one product that Microsoft announced that might be a resemblance to the Apple watch is the new Microsoft Band 2. This technology-based bracelet will allow people to keep track of their fitness, in terms of their calories, heart rate, sleep quality, and notifying people of any updates for emails amongst other task. There are various sensors wishing the structure of the band so it can truly keep up with everything that a person may have going on in terms of health and tasks. It doesn’t exactly show the same resemblance as the Apple watch but it has the ability to do the same type of tasks that the Apple watch is capable of doing.
Microsoft also introduces the technology world to the Lumia 950 and 950 XL. With bigger screens, fast processors, and better features, it was truly worth the year of development. One of the features that makes the Lumia different than any Apple or Android smartphone out there is the phone has the ability to power a desktop setup from the phone with the additional purchase of the Microsoft display dock. When this item is used with the phone, it turns into a desktop computer so anyone can write a document using a keyboard and looking at a big monitor. The Lumia also has the ability to unlock the phone just by looking at the screen, this could be the phone that obliterates all other smartphones on the market.
The product that has considered Microsoft to become revolutionary in the past decade is the collection of smart tablets and laptops. The new Surface Book proves to most laptop users out there that there can be no limitations to what a laptop is capable of. The laptop’s hinge has the ability to fold and detach to make it become a clipboard or a canvas. Having the latest Windows update can ensure that this product will have the latest updates from the program the company has to offer.
Going off on the new laptop, Microsoft adds another addi-tion to the Surface family with the new Surface Pro 4. It seems to have the true promise as the other Surface products: it feels like a piece of paper and it goes from tablet to lap-top in seconds with kickstand and improved keyboard. Some of the features may be the same as the other Surface tablets that have been released originally, but it seems that something that could change the way tablets and computers truly work. According to The Verge website, the other technology companies out there may have subtle difference in the products, but the idea is the same: it’s a laptop with a detachable key-board.
Despite the fact that the other companies are trying to copy each other, it seems that Microsoft is truly the original creator in this creative competition. Showing everyone what they have truly accomplished this past year has truly made it clear to everyone that they won’t let anything stand in their way. Apple does really innovate, but does it innovate as much as Microsoft is doing nowadays? Apple is truly about innovation, so I think that this means that Apple has some competition up their sleeves. The technology industry has truly changed over the past century and it is surely full of many other changes and new products. There are many more things to come for us and it’ll involve some great changes to the way our society works.