Walker’s Lawsuit

By Reem Ibrahim




Paul Walker’s death left everyone in pure shock when he got into a fatal car accident. It was an outcome nobody had accepted and the news itself was just as shocking, or if anything, slightly more surprising. The one person who ultimately refuses to accept the reality, Meadow Rain Walker, was his daughter and believes his death was not justified. On Monday, September 28, Walker’s daughter files a lawsuit against Porsche, the car Paul Walker had been in during the accident.

According to CNN, Walker’s daughter claims the car has several design flaws and she “seeks unspecified damages for defects it alleges contributed to her father’s death.” In the lawsuit, it also states that the vehicle was lacking safety features that any sports car should have, ultimately being the reason for Paul Walker’s death. It’s believed that maybe if the Porsche had all the safety features a normal sports car would have, it could have prevented his death or even prevented the car accident completely.

In an interview with US Magazine, Walker’s lawyer, Jeff Milam stated, “The bottom line is that the Porsche Carrera GT is a dangerous car and doesn’t belong on the streets.” Despite the car being dangerous, Walker’s lawyers had acknowledged that the car indeed, does have defects which include: “deficient side door reinforcements and fuel lines that didn’t properly protect the car” from the fires that caused the death of the two men.

Despite the public’s interest in the case, Porsche did not respond automatically to the lawsuit. However, they did later release a statement blaming Walker’s friend, Roger Rodas, as the cause of the accident. They stated that the car they were driving was not the cause to the fatal accident, but rather Rodas’ reckless driving. Walker’s lawsuit against Porsche is long from being over and with the public’s interest; it is interesting to see how the lawsuit will play out.