Tatanisha Wooley



If you are an indecisive person the simplest tasks give you stress, like waking up in morning deciding what to wear makes you want to go to a private school just so you aren’t burden with this task. Being indecisive is not bad it just means that once you have made up your mind you are committed to that idea. Let’s just say that life is hard but it is harder when you are an indecisive person. Here some typically problems that these hardcore decision making people must make.

  1. What do you want to do this weekend?
  2. The panic that raises when this question is asked of you? Why should you decide what are the weekend plans. You would rather much let them pick and you just show up.
  3. What do you want to order?
  4. Why is this menu so big? How could there be this many choices in life? Do you want a burger, sandwich, pasta…you don’t know! Even if you could settle on one there’s still endless options under those.
  5. Major life decision frighten you
  6. How do you know what college to apply? Speaking of college what do you major in for the rest of my life? What happens if you don’t like your major can you change it? What if you end up regretting the fact that switch?
  7. When people say trust your gut?
  8. What does that even mean? How could you trust something that is neither your heart nor your head?
  9. Going shopping is the worst for you
  10. One little task turned into an all-day adventure. First, what store do you want to shop in? What do you buy? Why is this skirt in multiple colors? Couldn’t the designer just pick one color and stuck to it. What if the designer was an indecisive person and couldn’t make up his mind about the colors so he made them all!
  11. You cannot commit to anything without asking any of your friends
  12. Your crush finally texted you back! What do you do now? Your friends will know. They seem to have answers for everything. You will just go with what majority says. Although if everyone’s says something different you are screwed because you are tasked with making the decision yourself.
  13. The endless decision of whether to stay in Friday night or go out
  14. You did in last week…so maybe you should go out just so people don’t think that you’re lame. But ABC Family is having their Harry Potter weekend you certainly can’t miss out on that even though you have seen the movies a million times.