Trump’d Out

by Hashim Arain




By now you all probably know the name Donald Trump. You most likely have seen him on your TV screens at some point during the summer, as the news cycle has been dominated by his candidacy for President. Trump has certainly made himself a household name now, if he hasn’t already. The news has been consumed with whatever he does on the campaign trail, whether it be a campaign rally, or sitting down for an interview with one of the major news networks. Trump brings a certain style and charisma that no presidential race has seen in recent memory. Known for his outspokenness Trump isn’t afraid to say what he thinks, and he certainly isn’t afraid to get into arguments with his Republican counterparts or certain members of the news media.

Trump has been the Republican frontrunner throughout the summer and into the early fall season, according to CBS News however, Republican candidate Ben Carson has caught up with Trump in the latest polls. This shows that Trump’s success in the polls may be waning, and that conservative voters are growing tired of his candidacy. Trump has gotten himself into quite a few controversies while running for president. Some most notable of these controversies is his feud with the Fox News channel, and his stances on hot topics such as immigration. Almost every time Trump says something controversial on the campaign trail, it’s bound to be in the news the next day.

Those who have followed the Trump campaign closely say that their doing a decent job zoning in on the frustrations that Americans have with the political system, but they also note that Trump gives very little details on how he’ll fix the pressing problems that face this country. According to the New York Post when Trump seems unprepared on the issues he asked on the campaign trail, that only makes him more popular with his supporters, because they think he’s not a regular politician, which is true, he’s an outsider to the political system.