by Jasy Jones




I have to feel the writing.

The smooth cursive of my pen on paper.

I have to feel each word deep in my chest,

Trying to escape in any way possible.


My throat closes.

My face falls blank, trapping each eager word inside.

My hand, connected to this pen performs a prison break.

Each click of my pen puts a crack in these defenses.

Each stroke of ink shatters a cell.


Words begin to pour out of me, pooling onto the paper in hoards.

My hand fighting to catch them all.

Real raw emotion encased in each sentence

Every feeling, thought, idea filling each word to the brink

Where else can they go?

They’re escaping and I feel free.


by Faith Williamson



Look to the sun, for it shall guide our way.

Look to the moon, for it will heal our pain.

Look to the sea, for it will calm our nerves.

Look to the sky, and get lost in the clouds.

Look to your kin, for they are part of who we are.


All the bad and all the good come in time.

Do not rush, do not push, this is no race.

In the end, we all have the same goal.

Find out who you truly are, live life to your expectations.


One cannot not merely wish something to happen,

they must initiate it.

All in all, stay positive and keep your head up.

Time may not be on your side but you are on your side.

Make life what you want it to be.

Don’t live with restrictions.


Do what makes you and those around you happy.

Be yourself, be unique and be strong.

No one else can do that for you.

No one but you.

So take a deep breath and dive into the deep end and take charge.