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The Benefits of Gatorade

by Élana Garay




Gatorade is a popular sports drink which contains electrolytes and carbohydrates and helps to hydrate the body. Gatorade is helpful when sick because of the electrolytes which are minerals to balance the body’s ions. The minerals that the electrolytes contain are sodium, potassium, phosphate, chloride, magnesium and calcium. Water does not have electrolytes and the cells need it to function for the body. Electrolytes can be lost when sweating.

According to the website, “Gatorade contains electrolytes which ordinary water does not. So while water replenishes your fluid loss, Gatorade can replenish fluids along with electrolytes. Lacking electrolytes can make a person feel even worse additionally to the sickness symptoms. For sicknesses that involve diarrhea or vomiting, Gatorade is very good for you.” Gatorade rehydrates the body when sick.








“Gatorade is additionally helpful if you have a fever… At any point however, you are not eating and drinking normally because of the illness, Gatorade is a good item to start putting into your sick diet. It goes down easily and helps revitalize you… While of course Gatorade cannot replace modern medicine, it can help” continues from the website

The electrolytes in Gatorade are what makes this drink so popular and helpful for both athletes and when sick.

“Gatorade is marketed as a popular thirst quencher made of artificial ingredients but does provide the body with electrolytes. In some cases when we do have the stomach flu it can help to drink Gatorade to help hydrate the body of the lost electrolytes and water to help rid the body of toxins” states from the website Gatorade is a sports drink with benefits when sick.