by Elana Garay



Insomnia can be a common condition amongst many different types of people, but especially college students. Getting enough sleep during the week for college students is difficult. The first way to overcome insomnia is to get rid of distractions. Also, do not drink too much coffee during the day. The caffeine will only make it harder to sleep later in the day.

From the website, regular exercise help reduce the chances of having insomnia. This is particularly due to the stress relieving factors of regular exercise. Stress commonly keeps people awake. By having a regular stress reducer, like exercise, the likelihood of a sleepless night decreases. Exercise also tires out the body and mind. If you exercise before bed, you are more likely to fall asleep and stay asleep

If you are having a hard time falling asleep at night, refrain from napping during the day. If you have a tendency to nap during the day, the likelihood of you feeling tired at night decreases. By staying awake longer, you are giving your body more time to tire itself out.

According to the Brown University website, a busy evening can keep you awake. If there’s a lot on your mind before you head to bed, you are less likely to have a peaceful night. Try to do some light reading or watch television until you start to feel drowsy. Also, try to keep your schedule regular. Try to head to bed and wake up approximately the same time every morning. Your body will regulate to the routine and you’ll find yourself feeling tired around the same time every night.