Fall Fashion

by Hannah Joseph




The leaves are beginning to change color and Starbucks has just released its annual pumpkin spice latte, so we can officially say that it’s fall. Contrary to popular belief, fall doesn’t only end with pumpkin spice everything. There’s so much more and all you have to do is take a look around.


                     Pulling the Wardrobe Switcharoo

Along with the change in seasons comes the inevitable moving the summer tanks, short-shorts and crop tops to the bottom of your closet, and bringing out the cute long sleeve lace tops and everyone’s favorite plaid shirts from the deep recesses of your walk-in. Fall is a personal favorite of mine solely for the fashion. I mean who can go wrong with sweaters galore? Fall fashion is great because it’s versatile. Feeling lazy? Yoga’s and a deep colored sweatshirt is your way to go. Substitute yoga’s with patterned joggers for guys, unless you’re into that kind of thing, in which I’d say power to you.  Have a cute boy/girl in class you want to impress but haven’t gone home to switch out the summer clothes? Throw on cropped workout pants a tank and a light cover-up paired with a cute pair of sandals and a slick pony for a sporty effortless look or a pair of cargo shorts and a washed out t-shirt with a casual collared shirt paired with vintage high tops for a casual look.


Evolution of Fall Fashion

Although fashion has been evolving faster than we can say “no homework” one aspect has been kept the same. And that is, you can never have too many sweaters. So ladies and gentleman, the next time you step into your nearest Tjmaxx and pass by a revolver full of fun colored cover-ups contemplating whether or not you should get another to add to your ever-growing collection of fifteen sweaters, just go ahead and splurge because you’re going to need one to match that funky shirt you bought over the summer and just can’t seem to wear enough.  Regarding the fall trends specific to 2015, it looks like our fashion designers don’t feel like they fit into the 21st- century or, they’re just suffering from nostalgia. Either way, the clothes fresh off the runway are going back to the 70’s.  Velvet is the most used material in the clothes that are being sold for this season so don’t be surprised if you find a shirt made of cotton but the tag is velvet.


Color for the Bold… or Everyone?

The color scheme for this season is for the bold. Maroon or red wine, whichever makes you happier, is a color that is associated with passion and usually used to make a statement. This is the color that you will be seeing in most of stores you will be shopping at from Pac Sun to Wal-Mart. So I’m guessing the fashion police want more people to make bold statements? Or make people feel special and spread the love? Either way, if dark red is not your color, there’s always the classic black you can go for, or the next season to look forward to.



Time to Wash Your Car?

The most unique and bold fashion trend for this year is Car Wash Skirts. As the name suggests these skirts are cut from the bottom into around 2-in thick strips like paper machete resembling the drying cloths that hang from the ceiling of a carwash. From what it looks like these skirts could be fashioned for Gladiators but they seem to look like a trend that could perhaps last a lot longer than any of Lady Gaga’s unique outfits. If worn with a blouse the look takes on a refined trend. I guess we’ll find out if this trend is in fact a trend or a flop when these skirts hit the stores mid-October.