PACE Bus Service

By Tim Ziman

News Editor


Pace bus

Pace bus

Earlier this week Marco Masini, the Vice President for Student Life, announced that the numbers of passengers on the PACE bus service has been consistently low, which presents a problem for the service.

Currently the service drops students, staff and faculty off around 7:30 a.m. and then collects students, staff and faculty around 4:30 p.m. departing for Lisle Metra Station. This has been in effect for a while; however rider turnout has recently been low. This will sadly mean that the PACE service may be discontinued, which will have the adverse effect of making the commute those who do need a ride to and from the station harder and more expensive.

In an effort to keep the school green Masini has urged students to try using the bus service.

“It might be useful for residents who don’t have a car, but I rarely take the bus,” said senior Ali Jafri.

In fact many students do not even know that there is a bus service and rely on their own methods of transport to get to the campus from the Lisle Metra Station. In order for the service to be used more, students need to be told more about the services that school has to offer.

“I have not used the bus service but I saw it. It wouldn’t be an awful idea,” said senior Victoria Wojciechawski.

It is clear that more students, staff and faculty need to be told that the school does have this service for the passenger numbers to increase.

“But since when did they start PACE bus service?” said junior Afreen Mohiuddin. “Really, I didn’t know, I think it’s a good thing.”

In general, students remain unaware of the PACE bus service. With low commuter turnout and low marketing, the PACE bus service could be discontinued before it even begins.