Worst Dressed at the Emmy’s

by Elizabeth Welz



Stars are known for being the most glamorously dressed people out there. However, some stars just don’t seem to understand how fashion works and their outfits fall short of the high expectations.


  1. Joanna Newsom- Newsom showed up to the Emmy’s with her husband and host, Andy Sandburg. Not exactly sure what the creator of this dress was going for, but it looks like someone stapled a grandmother’s Thanksgiving dish to the front of her dress.


  1. Heidi Klum- I don’t understand this dress. It kind of looks like three different types of dresses were stitched together last minute in hopes to make it to the award show in time. Not to mention the color. The yellow, Big Bird color seems to “pull” the entire dress together.


  1. Kathryn Hahn- This dress just screams, “made from a quilt!” The print is terrible and the style is even worse. Mix matched patterns can sometimes be “fun” or “quirky.” However, this dark patterned dress falls short of all expectations.


  1. Kerry Washington- Kerry looks like she’s completely dressed in chainmail. As cool as that sounds, the execution was not as high as would be desired. I find the chainmail type style as something that is edgy and cool, but there’s a fine line with this type of style.


  1. Maisie Williams- I loved Maisie’s dress. The pink looked absolutely stunning on her. However, her shoes are very questionable. The fuzzy shoes are definitely do not scream, “Award Show!” They remind me of the shoes little kids get in their dress up package from the local toy store.