10 Things only the Youngest Child will Understand

Tatanisha Wooley


Being the younger sibling can have its own perks but there are downsides to being the baby of the family.

  • Having the pleasure of knowing that you could get away with pretty much anything because your parents are burnt out after having taken care of your older siblings for years.

Your siblings knew all the tricks and often would let you in their secrets for a price of course. You were lucky you watch them and learned from all their mistakes.

  • The sad realization that no matter what you would always be the youngest and therefore would never be seen as the responsible one.

You would forever be the cute or the baby no matter how old you got.

  • Having to wear mostly hand me downs. You knew whatever your siblings outgrew would go to you while they got new clothes.

Why weren’t you special enough to receive your own clothes? Your parents couldn’t afford to buy new clothes for you after your older sibling new stuff.

  • You could never measure up your older siblings. They would always be smarter, older, and stronger than you.
  • You probably heard the line, “Why can’t you be like….” more times than you care to count.
  • You were always picked on whether it was your siblings, their friends, or other family members. Not a day went by where you weren’t at the center of every joke.
  • Looking through the photo album and noticing that they were fewer photos of you. If you happened to be a photo of you you were never alone.
  • Crying every time you heard the words, “You were adopted” usually followed by the words, “That’s we don’t have any photos of you as a baby”

Older siblings could be really cruel at times. Why must they make your life harder? As if being the youngest wasn’t bad enough.

  • Having your parents call you every name under the book until they finally remember your name

Sadly, even the dog was mention before you.

…And last but not least

  • Knowing you could end any fight by crying because your parents will yell at your sibling’s and say for them to act their age!