New TV Previews

by Tatanisha Wooley

Scream Queens-September 22nd, FOX

The dark comedy/horror is co-created by the brilliant Ryan Murphy who brought us Glee and The American Horror series. The show stars Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Spanish star Diego Boneta, along with other celebrities. The trailer was amazing, very similar to the popular 90s movie, Scream, which the show is based off. You could see the dark horror and comedy elements which the movie was known for. Also, it pays tribute to classic movie scenes like someone being killed in a bathtub. The show will be different from the MTV show, Scream, as Scream Queens will focus more on the horror element and not so much on being a melodrama like the Scream. The show will follow a house of sorority sisters named the Kappa House when one of the girls is beheaded during Hell Week, as she rushes the house. Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays a Dean does not like the House’s exclusiveness so she makes a rule stating the house must allow any woman to pledge no matter how she looks. This is when a string of murders take place and anyone could be the murderer or the next victim.
SuperGirl-October 26th, CBS

I am not much of a fan of CBS shows but I am excited to see superhero show where the main character is a female. With great shows like the Flash, Smallville, and Arrow we needed a show where the hero was a badass woman. The series will follow Kara Zor-El, who if you know your comics is Superman’s cousin, as she come to terms with her powers after keeping them secret for 12 years. I’m hoping for an appearance or two from her cousin. She had to escape her failing planet as an infant and she grew up in a foster home. Her secret was over when she is enlisted by Hank Henshaw to protect the citizens of her town. She will struggle with wanting to be normal and living out her destiny as a superhero. TV critics like Tierney Bricker are calling the show, “refreshing and new, even if it’s wrong for the network.” The trailer has a fluffy cutesy element which is not the usually for the network. Glee alumni, Melissa Benoist, is perfect she has the awkwardness and the ability to make you either laugh or cry downpack. The show will be different from the other superhero shows as it will be dark and brooding.

Limitless- October 22nd, CBS

The TV show will be a continuation of the 2011 movie, starring Bradley Cooper, so it’s not a remake or even a sequel. If you have not watch the movie you may not understand some of the references the show will have. Jake McDorman stars as Brian Finch, an ordinary guy who obtains a drug called NZT that allows his brain to work at rates an average brain cannot. He then force to work with the FBI into using his abilities to help them solve cases. At the same time Eddie Mora, has his own plans for what he calls his new, “protégé.” Bradley Cooper, who is executive producer, will be reprising his character Eddie Nora. I want to tune in to see if the show will live up to the movie. The movie was good so the TV show will just as successful especially with an A-lister like Bradley Cooper attach to it. With all the Sci-fi shows that are out it will be fun to see how it measures up to the competition.