Benedictine’s Football Beats Central College

By Elana Garay


“I think we’re going to have a really special season. And we’ve got very talented players on our team,” said Senior Kevin Kreighbaum. “The leadership we have from our small group of seniors and returning players is excellent. And if we max our potential we are capable of doing the unthinkable.”

This past Saturday, September 5 Benedictine’s football team won their first game of the season against Central College.

Benedictine was in the lead throughout the whole game. Freshmen Matt Flemming scored the first touchdown during the first quarter. In the second quarter, Central College scored six points. The next touchdown was made by Sophomore Miles Derek which added seven more points for Benedictine.

No points were made from both teams during the third quarter. Fleming scored another touchdown in the final quarter. The opponent followed by scoring 13 more points which lead to the final score of 21-19.

“Well first and far most, that was a big win and I felt that our offense came together and made big plays happen. And our defense was solid as well. It was a good game but we play to win and I hope we can continue to play well,” said Junior Omar Lopez

Fleming caught four passes and scored twice. Lopez caught nine passes .Junior Micayel McKechnie made 11 tackles and led the defense. Sophomore Danny Drummond made eight tackles.

The following game will be held at the Benedictine Sports Complex against Carroll University on September 12 at 7 p.m.