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Movie Theaters Require Bag Check? What’s Next?

by: Jessica Buettner




Anyone who travels a lot can relate to the struggle of having their bags checked through security. The procedure usually goes: standing in line for long hours, shoes off, luggage running through the scanner and all personal items checked. Just when people think that the procedure at the airports isn’t bad enough, some movie theaters across the U.S. are starting to initiate bag check procedures.

Ever since the Dark Knight Rising shooting occurred at the Colorado movie theater about two years ago, movie theaters have tried to come up with ways to make the movie-going experience safer and more enjoyable. Recently, the Regal entertainment industry has begun to check moviegoers’ bags upon entering the theater.

The company has stated that security issues have become a part of people’s daily lives and many bags are subject to inspection upon entrance. The policy has included details about banning backpacks and packages while sticking to checking purses and bags.

At Regal, they have some options if a moviegoer doesn’t want to have their bag checked out or examined. They could offer a refund to the customer or they have the employees of the movie theater hold onto the bag. The entertainment company really hopes to continue this policy in order to ensure everyone’s safety while attending the movies.

Ever since this decision has been made, other movie theaters have been contemplating their current procedures. AMC has decided to leave their regular ‘check bag if necessary’ procedure as it is for now. Other organizations, such as the National Organization of Theatre Owners and the Motion Picture Association, refused to contribute any comments towards their current procedures.

Unfortunately, searching bags could prevent some violence, but it might not prevent premeditated shootings such as the 2012 movie theater shooting.

There are some movie theaters that don’t even have any intentions to come up with their own policy for baggage check anytime soon. According to the president of FunTime Cinemas, Ronda Fitzsimmons, FunTime Cinemas doesn’t plan on having any policies set up. She also stated that since their theater is local, that they are less likely to have problems with customers. Overall, Fitzsimmons thinks that there is no need to put up with a policy that requires airport-type security checks.

As this new policy continues to be in effect at various movie theaters across the nation, the only thing to do is to see how well this new policy changes the way people go to the movies. It begins at the Regal theaters located in different parts of the U.S. and then it might spread out to different movie theater companies that exist. If movie theaters are following the same security policies that airports are using, what might be the next place that these policies will be in effect?