The Candor

Differences between the Harry Potter Movies and Books

Tatanisha Wooley





When the Harry Potter books first announced they were coming to theaters, naturally I was excited; after all, who didn’t want to see that come to the big screen. As the movies progress, I (along with the rest of the Harry Potter fandom) noticed the major plot holes and changes that were left out or changed entirely. Now I know that when books are converted into movies, they cannot fit the entire book into the movie but still…..c’mon there are some things cannot be left out!


Peeves the annoying but somewhat tolerable poltergeist

Why was Peeves not in the movie? He was more entertaining than the other ghost. He was one of the secondary characters I was looking forward to seeing. In the books, it was stated that he was as old as Hogwarts itself so that makes him pretty important. I get that he wasn’t important to the plot but still seeing the ghost occasionally play pranks on the students and teachers would have been funny. It would have given the comedic relief it needed after those dark moments.


Voldemort Family History


In the movies you see some flashbacks of the Dark Lord’s family lineage but there was one thing they left out. He is a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin as direct result of inbreeding in the family. This leads to mental instability and violence within his family. When his mother seduced a muggle-born with a love potion, Voldemort was born. He battled with the “pure” and “muggle” blood that ran in his veins. He grew to hate the muggle born, his father, and his family. Adding this would have made the non-book reader understand why he was evil.


Neville and Harry Prophecy


In the fifth book, we learn why Voldemort wants to kill Harry; it’s because of a prophecy. The prophecy basically stated that a boy would be born at the end of July to two parents who had defied Voldemort and he would live to tell the story. That same boy would then have the ability to destroy Voldemort. The problem is that Neville was born the same day so he could have been chosen and been the one who ultimately destroyed the Dark Lord.


Dudley and his family Redeeming Moment


If you watch the movies you know how mean the Dursleys were to Harry. After all, they made him live underneath the staircase. He was basically their live-in housekeeper. His cousin was spoiled and did not treat Harry with the respect that he deserved. This was changed in the fifth movie when Harry saved him from the dementor. He started to treat Harry with some kindness like leaving a tray of food in front of Harry’s door. The movie had them leave in a cowardly moment which was did not happen in the books. They actually cared about him. Dudley even gave Harry a hug and cried. This should have been added so they were redeemed in the audience’s eyes.