BU Programming Board Hosts Frenzy Food

by: Junelly Gonzalez




Benedictine University Programming Board sponsored their first Food Truck Frenzy on Friday, September 4, 2015. The event was held in the Krasa parking lot and had five different food trucks including The Slide Ride which offered students gourmet sliders, La Adelita which is located in Chicago offered tacos, chips with pico de gallo or salsa, Kona Ice which is located in DuPage County had snow cones, Loop Juice which is located in Chicago offered a variety of smoothies and juices and Cupcakes for Courage which is located in DuPage County.

This event was put on by the Programming Board because of the Board’s awareness of college student’s love for food. Any current Benedictine student received three tickets to any food truck of their preference.

“All college students love free food and this was something that I, this being my second year as president, had been working on for a while. In fact, last year we thought of the idea because we thought it would be cool to have food trucks available that the students wouldn’t have to pay for,” said Katie Miller, President of Programming Board. “It took a while to plan, we didn’t make it happen last year but this was high on our agenda, we wanted it to happen.”

Although the event was hard work, it was a great success having around 180-200 student show up.

“I thought the food this event was a great idea. Especially because being in the suburbs you are secluded from food trucks. Plus the food was great, especially the Loop Juice’s smoothies and juices. Those were my favorite, hands down,” said Junior  Greta Ciuksyte.

Although the event was delayed until this year due to all the planning that was required, Labor Day seemed to be the ideal date to host the event this year.

“We thought Labor Day weekend would be perfect to have this event. We worked hard to find a bunch of food trucks that would be interested and all in all it was a success. I am really happy with the student turnout. I think this event was one of the most popular because we had a lot of people respond to the Facebook event that was created,” said Miller.

Some students expressed discontent with the date chosen for the event.

“This should definitely be an annual thing but my suggestion would be to host it on a Friday when more people are on campus since a lot of people left to go home since its Labor Day weekend” said Ciuksyte.

This was the first year Benedictine has approved a food truck event.

“To my knowledge there have not been food trucks on campus. We didn’t have any issues with getting this event approved because the school works for us really well,” said Miller. “The school wants to give students what they want in terms of events. So they are flexible on things within reason of course.”

For more information on future events or to be automatically invited to all future events, like the BenU Programming Board Facebook page or visit the Benedictine University website’s Programming Board page.