The Candor

Wizard World Comic Con

by Reem Ibrahim




It was August 22nd, the day my friends and I decided to spend our entire day at the Rosemont Convention Center for nothing but the very popular Wizard World Comic Con. As I finally walked through the doors, I was automatically greeted by countless cosplayers (people who dress up like their favorite fictional character) and I thought to myself “ah yes, it’s good to be with my people.” By people, I meant nerds obviously. It was such a great opportunity to be able to walk through the convention hall and see all the art made by fans, whether they’re drawings or little keychains that were handmade and being able to talk to the artists themselves was amazing because you learn so much about the art and time taken to make them.

I think one of my favorite things about conventions such as these is the community and the way everyone is always so welcoming. It’s easy to go into Comic Con and leave with new friends who have a lot in common with you. You also will probably leave with an empty bank account so please think responsibly when at Comic Con because I can speak on the behalf of my friend that spending more than $500 dollars was not a very good idea.

Comic Con was a day to remember and I’ll definitely be attending next year’s as well. I believe that if you’re a fan of comics, video games, or animes then Comic Con should be an opportunity that you should not miss out on because it was a memory I’ll never forget. You meet so many new incredibly great people and create memories with old friends, too. Who wouldn’t want to experience something like that? I’m glad I decided to attend and I wish I could say my wallet feels the same but it’ll be okay, little buddy.